Cancelled Flights

Compensation for Cancelled Flights in Ireland

In the event that you’ve suffered from cancelled flights or delays in the last 6 years, you could be eligible to claim compensation.  EU Regulation states that an airline must provide financial compensation of the delays or cancellations were not caused by extraordinary circumstances. On the latest figures associated with this industry consumers in Ireland are owed up to €52,000.000 each year as a result of cancelled, overbooked or delayed flights.

Airline Compensation for Cancelled Flights in Ireland

According to the parameters of the regulations, the airline company is responsible for providing clear information to their passengers on the compensation process for affected flights. If a flight was cancelled and a passenger was not given at least 14 days notice then the airline is in breach of EU Regulations and compensation may be payable. Airlines are legally required to provide a written notification to their passenger which highlights their rights and the processes for obtaining compensation in valid circumstances.

Your Rights for Cancelled Flights

As a passenger covered under EU Regulations you could be eligible to claim compensation if your flight was cancelled by your airline. This is applicable even if you were given an alternative flight by your airline on a different date or time. Airlines have a duty of care to their passengers and in various cases must pay compensation if they do not meet their obligations. If you have suffered as a result of a cancelled flight you could be eligible for compensation of up to €600 per passenger.

Compensation Values
Per Passenger
Up to 1,500 Km
delayed more than 3hrs
Per Passenger
From 1,500 – 3,000Km
delayed more than 3hrs
Per Passenger
More than 3,500Km
delayed more than 4hrs

Flight Cancellation Compensation

Compensation values for cancelled flights will vary depending on the distance you were traveling and will only be payable if you were flying in or out of Europe. Below is a table which highlights the various compensation levels and the criteria required in order to pursue compensation.

Please note that passengers will only be eligible to claim compensation if the airline in question gave them less than 2 weeks written notice of the cancellation. If the airline has given a passenger more than 2 weeks written notice of cancellation then they have fulfilled their legal obligations and will not be liable for cancelled flights compensation

Flight Cancellation Compensation ( 7-14 Days Notice)

If a consumer was given written notice of a cancellation 1-2 weeks in advance of the scheduled departure compensation may only be payable to the passenger if:

  • The Scheduled departure time has been changed to more than 2 hours earlier.  In circumstances such as this a passengers holiday or travel arrangements can be severely affected causing them to miss some of their planned arrangements if they have to fly home earlier.
  • The scheduled arrival time is more than 4 hours later meaning that the the passenger will arrive at their destination much later than planned which can have a serious affect on planned arrangements.

Flight Cancellation Compensation ( less than 7 Days Notice )

If your airline notified you of a cancellation less than 7 days before the scheduled flight you could be eligible for flight cancellation compensation if:

  • The departure time of your flight is more than 1 hour earlier you could be eligible to claim compensation from your airline.
  • The arrival time of your flight is more than 2 hours later, you could be eligible to claim compensation from your airline.

Compensation for cancelled flight will only be payable in the event that the the airline did not provide at least 2 weeks notice of the cancellation and only in situations where extraordinary circumstances have not occurred. Extraordinary circumstances are situations that are beyond the control of the airline company and can include situations such severe weather conditions, threats of terrorism, war and sabotage.

If you were affected by a cancelled flight you could be eligible for compensation. Contact us now for a free no obligation review of your case.

Can You Claim?
If you have suffered from delays which could have been prevented by your airline you could be eligible for Flight Delay Compensation. You could be eligible to claim up to €600 per passenger:
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