Denied Boarding

Were You Denied Boarding In Ireland?

If you were denied boarding despite arriving on time, with the correct travel documentation and without any health reasons which would prevent you from boarding a flight you could be eligible for denied boarding compensation.

If your airline cannot justify why you were denied boarding without valid health, safety or documentation issues then you have the right to pursue compensation under European Regulation261/2004. A flight being overbooked is not a valid reason for an airline to deny boarding without compensation being offered for the inconvenience.

Flights get overbooked all the time and in these circumstances it is the duty of the airline to find passengers who are willing to give up their seats voluntarily in exchange for compensation in the form of vouchers, points or cash.  If an airline cannot find any volunteers then passengers will usually get bumped from a flight whether they like it or not. In these circumstances passengers can look to claim compensation of up to €600 as well as a full reimbursement of the ticket price if an alternative flight was not offered to them within a suitable time frame.


How much Compensation for Denied Boarding can I claim?

Under EU Regulations the levels of compensation offered for Denied Boarding Compensation Claims. These are visible in the right hand column of this webpage. The amount of compensation you are legally entitled to will depend on how long you were delayed and how far you were travelling as long as it to or from a European destination. In the event that there is a distance that is less than 1500km, then the denied boarding compensation that is paid out is €125. In the event that the flight is 1500km, and there is a delay that is over 2 hours, then there is a compensation of €250.00. When the flight distance is between 1500 and 3500km, and there is a delay of more than 3 hours you will see that the denied boarding compensation is 400. Compensation values on denied boarding claims which have a greater distance or delay can increase to €600 per passenger affected.

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Compensation Values
Per Passenger
Up to 1,500 Km
delayed more than 3hrs
Per Passenger
From 1,500 – 3,000Km
delayed more than 3hrs
Per Passenger
More than 3,500Km
delayed more than 4hrs
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If you have suffered from delays which could have been prevented by your airline you could be eligible for Flight Delay Compensation. You could be eligible to claim up to €600 per passenger:
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