Flight Compensation


Flight Compensation for Air Passengers in Ireland

Air passengers from Ireland are covered by the EU Regulation 261/2004 that gives specific consumer rights and protection against cancelled or delayed flights, as well as denied booking. The EU regulation on flight compensation is applicable to all passengers who are departing from or travelling to an EU Airport. This effectively covers all flights in and out of Ireland and gives Irish consumers rights to Flight Compensation for delays caused by the airlines which they might not be aware of.


Flight Compensation Claims for Denied Boarding

Denied boarding occurs when the airline refuses to grant you access to the airplane even if you a valid ticket and have presented yourself for check-in within the time limit set by the airline. Denied boarding issues usually occur when an airline sells more tickets for a flight than they have available seats.

When a flight is overbooked, the airline will usually look for volunteers who are willing to surrender their reservations in exchange for refunds or re-routing. If there are not enough volunteers, the airline might deny boarding to passengers. The airline company is required to compensate denied passengers, as well as provide appropriate assistance in accordance with EU Regulations.

Compensation Values
Per Passenger
Up to 1,500 Km
delayed more than 3hrs
Per Passenger
From 1,500 – 3,000Km
delayed more than 3hrs
Per Passenger
More than 3,500Km
delayed more than 4hrs
Flight Compensation for Cancelled Flights

There are instances in which the airline company has to cancel a flight. If this happens you are entitled to Flight compensation whether you were offered an alternative flight or refund from the airline. You are only eligible for Flight Compensation in Ireland for cancelled flights if you got less than two weeks’ notice of the cancellation.  If the airline company has given you adequate notice of the issues and proven that the cancellation was caused by extraordinary circumstance that couldn’t be prevented, then no flight compensation will be paid. Some of the extraordinary circumstances include security risks, industrial disputes, air traffic control restrictions, and harsh weather conditions.

If the airline did not give you the required 2 week notice and there were no extraordinary circumstances then we can assist you in claiming flight compensation for cancelled flights.

Late Flight Compensation

If the delayed fight is within the conditions stated by the EU regulations, refreshments and meals should be provided by the airline company as part of the late flight compensation. Free hotel accommodation must also be given whenever the passengers need to stay one or more nights under certain circumstances. The airline company must also provide transport from the airport to the hotel and vice versa as part of their compensation process.

A lot of people are not aware of how much flight compensation they can get from airline companies in Ireland and what their legal rights are. If you have questions about flight compensation in Ireland request for a call back now and get a free no obligation review form one of our dedicated advisors.

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